Centennial Album

About the Exhibition

Scout troop Pražská Dvojka (2nd troop from Prague) celebrates 100 years of its existence with this exhibition of unique photographs. The base point of this exhibition is an exceptional archive of some 1,000 photographs depicting colorful events in the famous scout troop from the pre-war years to the present. This exhibition presents parallel views compiled from this archive by members of the Surrealist group, " R.V. Blažek Foundation " and by Milan Žaloudek, a longtime member and former head of the Pražská Dvojka. Separate panels introduce the curatorial intents of both parts of the exhibition.

History of the Troop

Pražská Dvojka was founded in the spring of 1913 and in the very year organized the first camp at Pelíšek´s Bridge at Sázava River. After the First World War was the head of the troop Prokop Drtina - lawyer and later Minister of Justice.
In 1927 Jaroslav "Hawk" Foglar took over the leadership in Dvojka, later he became famous as an author of many plays and books, firmly associated with Dvojkas´ life. After the Nazis banned Scouting in 1940, the troop worked covertly. The troop was dissolved in December 1948 after the communists turnover and outwardly appeared as a modeller patrol
Club or camping section of Sokol. From the late 40´s Dvojka organized it´s camps in the High Tatras and stayed there every summer till early 90´s. In 50´s it embraces new name Boys from the Beaver River after one of Foglars´ novels. With the exception of a brief renewal of Scouting in 1968 the troop could fully call itself scout again as late as after the Velvet Revolution.
Since 1992 Dvojka camps in the beautiful area of Novohradske Mountains and works together with other troops in Scout Group Dvojka Praha.

Notable Members

More than 1,000 young men have passed through the troop during its´ hundred year history. Among them, for example, musicologist and choir director of the National Theatre Jarmil Burghauser, founder of Czech Endocrinology Josef Charvat, Chairman of Czech Scout Association Jiří Navrátil, President of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Rudolf Zahradnik, or film and theatre director Petr Zelenka.

Exhibition of the Centennial album is organized by Scout Group Dvojka Praha with support of
Scout Institute and Rychlé šípy Jaroslava Foglara Foundation.

Photos courtesy of: Jiří Vaverka, Milan Žaloudek, Tomáš Osladil, Mirek Pertold, Břetislav Beneš, Michal Beránek, Jiří Přeučil, Jan Klobouček, Roman Šantora, Jiří and Aleš Vitingerovi, Vojtěch Výravský, Matěj Šmíd and Josef Krajbich.